Coconut Cream Lime Soda

The Sodafry

Even after returning from my trip to Hawai’i I can’t shake the island influence. Rocket Fizz provided me with a sample of one of their newer soda offerings, and I wasn’t about to refuse a Coconut Cream Lime Soda. It sounded amazing. Coconut and lime are two words that are hard to say together without breaking into song.


This soda has the personality of a piña colada. Not the personality of someone who orders a piña colada at a crowded bar (bartenders love blended drinks, I’m sure). I am that person.

It’s sweet, but the coconut flavor is clear and pronounced, and the lime provides a nice finish. The coconut gives it a bit of a thick cloudiness that lightly coats your tongue, but it’s carbonated enough that it never tastes entirely “sticky”. The gum acacia and ester gum probably contribute to that texture as well. This is a good…

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