Metro Diner

Awesome write up and it looks like a awesome place to visit.

Charlotte Food Truck Guy

I think I have a new favorite breakfast spot.  Metro Diner has finally made its way to the QC after teasing me so bad during their appearance on Diners Drive Ins and Dives.  That’s right folks.  A triple D alumni has placed not one, but two location here in the Charlotte area.  The first location opened up down in South Charlotte on Pineville-Matthews Road not too far from Carolina Place Mall.  The other location just recently opened on Independence down in Matthews.  Let’s rewind a little bit.  Metro Diner opened up in 1992 down in Jacksonville, FL.   It took over a space that was a diner that had been opened since 1938.  In 2000  master chef Mark Davoli and family took over Metro Diner and revamped the menu.

20170611_124214 Matthews location

Sooo…Charlotte currently has two breakfast oriented trucks.  They are both actually pretty good, but I would love to see…

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Kayak Fishing and Smallmouth

NC River Angler, LLC

NC Kayak Fishing

The river is a special place to me. There’s something about the cool running water flowing between my toes and the vibrant wildlife that lives between and along the riverbanks. I have always been fond of a stream. I enjoy fishing lakes, however it is flowing water that catches my spirit. I guess I always figured that a bad day fishing on the lake results in a sunburn and the wonder of where the fish were hiding, searching an electronic device looking for the gilled creatures. When I float a stream or river for smallmouth, or wade fish for trout, I seem to be less disappointed on a day where the catch is slow.

NC Kayak Fishing

The River holds the fish differently, so we know where the fish are, it’s a matter of getting them to bite. Also I figure that a hike through a wooded…

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Coconut Cream Lime Soda

The Sodafry

Even after returning from my trip to Hawai’i I can’t shake the island influence. Rocket Fizz provided me with a sample of one of their newer soda offerings, and I wasn’t about to refuse a Coconut Cream Lime Soda. It sounded amazing. Coconut and lime are two words that are hard to say together without breaking into song.


This soda has the personality of a piña colada. Not the personality of someone who orders a piña colada at a crowded bar (bartenders love blended drinks, I’m sure). I am that person.

It’s sweet, but the coconut flavor is clear and pronounced, and the lime provides a nice finish. The coconut gives it a bit of a thick cloudiness that lightly coats your tongue, but it’s carbonated enough that it never tastes entirely “sticky”. The gum acacia and ester gum probably contribute to that texture as well. This is a good…

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Bea’s Restaurant, Chattanooga TN

Looks like a place I would love to visit

Marie, Let's Eat!

Almost since we began the blog, readers have been suggesting we visit this sixty-six year-old Southern buffet and try their fried chicken. It took us a while, but we finally made it over here.

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